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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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iowa will help at some level insulate here. >> reporter: de blasio told the "new york times" clinton initially told him it would not be necessary for him to be a surrogate and campaign for her. the mayor went to iowa anyway. >> iowa is a state that emphasizes retail politics. you talk to people two at a time, five or ten at a time. you bring a bill de blasio there and he's speaking to ten people, 50 people, 100 people, it may not seem like a lot, but in a race where it's two or three points in either direction and the race between a hillary clinton and senator sanders is within the margin of error, every vote counts. >> reporter: iowa polls show clinton and her closest competitor bernie sanders will likely come out on top. as for the republicans, ted cruz and donald trump will expected to lead the pack. well, ernie, after iowa and new hampshire, we can expect candidates who are not finishing
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the iowa caucus starts 7 central people, 8:00 eastern, and we should have information for you about results on our 10:00 newscast. ernie: everybody is waiting for it. thank you very much for that. we continue our discussion. joining me, two special guests, jeanne zaino and christopher hahn. what do you think? de blasio in iowa. what do you make of that? >> he has a lot of making up to do with the clinton team. that's why he's knocking on doors. that's got to explain it. >> we should have said i'm with her on meet the press and he wouldn't there. he'd be in new york having a hoagie. >> in the cold iowa winter. ernie: democrats, who's going to take this? >> i think clinton, it's tight, the "des moines register", the best poll we have has sanders within three points of clinton. i think because clinton is so well organized, she'll probably pull it out.
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side. ernie: surprises? what do you think? >> i think if there's going to be a surprise, it might be with ted cruz and rubio finish as opposed to trump. everyone thinks trump will win. i believe organizations matter in primaries, especially in caucuses on february 1st in iowa where it's freezing cold. people have a blizzard coming. cruz has a strong organization. so does rubio. trump, celebrity, everybody knows his name, people may or may not like him, no organization on the ground in we'll see. ernie: what's the winner take away? what's it do? >> the winner gets huge momentum going into new hampshire and down to south carolina. they get name recognition, poll numbers, they get money most importantly. this is really a game of beating expectations, not just winning, but beating expectations. it's not about who comes in first but who does better. ernie: that's a good point. >> watch what happens to the ben carson voters. i don't believe the 10 percent that the "des moines register"
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i think he'll finish around 4%. if they go to cruz, cruz will win iowa. if they get split between cruz and rubio, rubio beats expectations. trump wins. it's not good for cruz. he put everything on iowa. >> a must win for cruz. ernie: a lot of emphasis on polls. we know it's not that great to follow them. republican side, does trump take it? >> i think that cruz is likely to take it. it's all about turn out. if it's high, it will favor trump and sanders. if it's low, as it usually is, it will favor the organized. that would be somebody like a ted cruz and a hillary clinton. again, for cruz, this is a must win. trump can lose this and go and win in new hampshire. if cruz loses, he has nothing to do. >> he put all his eggs in this basket. that's a problem. you've got to manage expectations. he made the expectations about him winning in iowa. a couple of weeks ago looked good. not so much now.
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>> it's so exciting. >> christmas eve for politics. ernie: it really is. a long way to go. we'll watch what happens. thank you. come back again. we'll talk about it tomorrow. thank you so much for joining us. let's talk about the other stories making news. these stories. the world health organization has declared an international emergency over the spread of zika virus. the transmission is from the bite of a mosquito. symptoms are usually mild. health officials are concerned about pregnant women. the virus may be linked to a birth defect that causes babies to be born with incomplete brain development. >> the experts agree that a causal relationship between the zika infection during pregnancy and microcephaly is strongly suspected. though not yet scientifically proven. ernie: nine cases have been reported in new york. all of the infected patients were travelers who returned to
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the official cause of an amtrak train derailment that killed eight people last may remains unknown. today federal investigators released documents that found no evidence of engine, track or signal malfunctions. spring. also a quick mention, we understand metro north is delays. that's happening right now. that's because of police activity near the botanic gardens in the bronx. we want to talk about the weather now. 59 in central park. nick will walk on here. he's got his spring clothing on. this is beautiful, young man. nick: fantastic. it was 59 as you mentioned in central park. it's 60 at kennedy airport today. 64 at islip. that was a new record for them. ernie: how sweet is this. this is amazing. think we'll have another storm? nick: i do. i think it's going to come next week. this week we'll have a big rainstorm on wednesday and near 60 on wednesday. by the end of the week, we'll
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then next week the signs are there for next week for cold to return and maybe substantial cold for mid-week on. in the process, there could be a coastal storm for the monday night, tuesday, wednesday timeframe. early in the game. more on that as the week goes along. today was wow. 59 in the city. 20 above average. 49 the low. 67 the record high. minus 2 the record low in central park. right now, 52. humidity 43 percent. there's a leftover shower. wind out of the northwest. with the cold front coming through it has produced a bit of rain. most of the activity is east and south of the city. 60 at poughkeepsie and bridgeport. how nice is that. 64 the new record at islip. 57 at montauk. 59 belmar. 54 towards sussex. we're finding temperatures are in the lower 50s, but they're going down. we've gone down about five, six
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46 allentown. the wind starts out of the north tomorrow and comes around to the east. a beautiful day coming up. here is the shower line. you can see it from the eastern end of long island. showery at montauk up to new haven, extending to islip. the showers heading down to the 195 stretch here, extending to philadelphia. north and west of that, nothing. we'll see the clearing line come in. here's fox 5 sky guardian 3-d. you can see it advancing to the east. not much happening further north and west. clouds hang tough. we'll start to clear out overnight. tomorrow, beautiful as high pressure ridges down. that's going to produce some really, really nice weather a cold front in place moving offshore. here's tomorrow's weather. look to the west. we talked about the blizzards that will be taking place in nebraska into iowa with this storm. that will track to our west. another surge of warm air comes our way on wednesday with wind and rain. you'll see temperatures will
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37 out the door in midtown. about 30 in the suburbs. up to 44 lunchtime. gorgeous day. 48 in the afternoon. that's about nine above average for this time of year. there's the futurecast. here's the great weather tomorrow and the storm going to the west. there's the rain moving in. the heaviest is wednesday afternoon into the first part of wednesday night. flood watches are posted for central new jersey for that same timeframe. then the storm will move along. we'll get to dry weather and a chill down in temperatures. clouds early and then clearing. turning colder, 37 in the city. 30 most suburbs. tomorrow look for a beautiful, sunny day. the temperatures will get to about 44 to 48. february. here comes the seven day. on the forecast, we'll find wednesday with rain and wind at 59. back to 48 thursday. around 40 friday. good-looking days. weekend. the clouds will gather monday, breezy and 40.
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ernie: aren't we having an interesting winter. nick: we have. i like it. gives me something to talk about. ernie: we like having you on to talk about it. thank you. all right. a stage legend will join me next at 6:00. tommy tune is a singer, dancer, actor, director. now he's taking on exciting new roles. here from him next at 6:00. and tomorrow we're exploring the trend of open pay. why some companies think employees should know their co-workers' salary. an expert joins me to weigh in on the pros and cons. you won't want to miss that. join me tomorrow.
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ernie: welcome back. he is a broadway legend, actor, singer, director, dancer. i'm talking about tommy tune who is talking about a number of watch. good to have you on the program. you're such an icon. we use that word sometimes and say what does it mean? it means you've done it all. i can't believe it. choreographer choreographer, dancer, producer, director. did you ever imagine you'd have that success growing up in wichita falls, texas. >> no. my dream -- i came to new york with the dream, but my dream was to dance in the chorus of a
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i didn't know that chorus boys didn't cover the scale but i got a job. ernie: '65 you made your debut? >> i think it was before that. ernie: baker street? >> baker street was the first. that was '65. oh, my gosh. i came to new york. i arrived on st. patrick's day and i got the job. i thought it was '63. it was '65. i've lived a lot of decades. ernie: listen, you've directed eight broadway musicals. have you got a favorite? >> the next one. ernie: the next one. it's true -- >> i'm going to get it right yet. i go back to see my shows. i think oh, surely, you could have done better and i fix it. ernie: isn't that what keeps you going?
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life is to be in a permanent state of creativity, whether when i'm making my omelette in the morning or i'm getting dressed or i'm on stage or creating a show for somebody else or in the studio painting. a permanent creativity. we are creative people. look what little children do, how they play games. you just have to keep that going when you get older. ernie: you need that. >> when you grow up. ernie: someone once said when i grow up, i want to be a little boy. isn't that a good one? it's about having what you said, that spirit of wanting to do things all the time. last year, you were at citi center. that was great. >> the gershwin show was good. that was such a big success. that was the first show they had ever done for broadway, 1924. unbelievable. ernie: i know you're a painter. you ran a gallery, your own work. are you still painting?
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that's when i'm not doing this, i've got to do something. i have paintings going all the time. ernie: what's next for you? >> i'm going to japan later this year. it is just in the works. i'm going to direct in japanese a production of grand hotel, which was one of my shows. an all japanese cast. it will be a real challenge to get the -- have the directing in another language. ernie: keep it going. most important thing. somebody once said make no small plans. they have no magic to stir people's blood. you have. tommy tune, the best. >> thanks. congratulations. >> thank you for all the time i've spent with you. a great guy. still ahead for you, most of us love a good meal. day. i've got a question for you. take a look at this. i'm asking people if they prefer to cook the meal or to clean up after the meal.
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what do you think? what's better? i hit the streets to see where you come down on this question. your answers are next. >> and we've got very interesting shows coming up this week. on wednesday, the future of social media. how new technology will change the way we communicate. and on thursday, home births are growing in popularity. we'll find out what options there are for pregnant women considering this kind of delivery. it's news you can use at 6:00. we're coming right back with russ and we're talking about the super bowl.
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stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. ernie: we're talking super bowl a little bit. the teams arrived. cam newton is still making news. he's still talking about things. russ: look, just to refresh everybody, last week he made
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about noise controversy that maybe people are afraid of him because he's an african-american quarterback. when they arrived in san francisco yesterday, he kind of wanted to clarify that. i believe i take him at his word. ernie: what did he say? russ: he's a flamboyant guy. take a look at the pants he's wearing. ernie: the zebra pants. russ: the versace pants. you'd look good in that ernie. ernie: it's a cool look. russ: cool? ernie: he likes it. ernie: russ: he's a flamboyant guy and being flamboyant off the field and on the field. he's a tremendous, tremendous athlete. you can pretty well bet the mortgage he's going to be the mvp of the league. he wanted to say, listen, i'm just talking about myself as a quarterback. he didn't want it to come out as
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as we said, the minute anybody mentions race, i don't care if it's sports, it's a spark. and a spark that could ignite a flame. i think he was wise to clarify himself. ernie: talk about it now. let me ask you do you think this is like behind him now and talk about the game? russ: i think it was wise for him to say it off the bat last night simply because tonight's media day. ernie: get moving. russ: somebody will ask a question. he can say i answered. let's move on and get to the business of playing football. ernie: let's talk about baseball. yankees getting a pretty strong curve ball. what happened? russ: i wouldn't call it a curve ball. it's a knock-down pitch. when i heard the news, i was like where did this come from? greg byrd, the top prospect in the organization, in 46 games,
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word came today he's got a torn muscle in his right shoulder. he's a big, big time power hitter. now he's gone for the season. ernie: 2016. russ: 2016 is a complete wash. he was going to start in aaa, not because he's not good enough, but because of room. you've got teixeira, a-rod. if something happens to those two, they don't have him to replace them. that's a big loss. he's only 23 years old. ernie: fingers crossed. thank you. it is dinnertime, dinner hour. let's talk food. i've got food for thought in the question of the day coming up
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>> thanks for watching the news at 6:00. now you can connect with me on facebook. go for anastos. check it out. and you can also answer my daily positive questions. go to
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ernie: here's a good question for you. do you prefer to cook dinner or clean up after dinner? >> cleaning up after. a happy wife is a happy life. i take care of my wife. she cooks and i clean up after. ernie: you do the cleaning up. >> i do. ernie: that's a good thing. >> i love it. >> absolutely. shop and cook. ernie: really? why do you prefer that? >> because that's what i do best. cleaning is not so creative. ernie: who does the cleaning? >> i do, but whoever wants to help, whoever i feed. >> cook dinner. absolutely. ernie: you prefer that? what's wrong with cleaning up? >> i don't like cleaning. >> cleaning up. ernie: why do you like that? >> it's done in one shot. the cooking is a lot of preparation and getting everything down at the same time. cleaning is a one shot deal. ernie: more creative to cook. >> absolutely. ernie: rather than doing the cleaning up. >> that's right. ernie: are you a creative cooker? >> i don't know. you'd have to ask others.
6:26 pm
ernie: you don't want to do any. >> my husband does both. he's an amazing cook and spoils me. i'm a lucky woman. ernie: exactly. you're right. >> if i cook, you clean. that's the rule. plain and simple. that's the rule. ernie: who set that up? >> my mother from day one. no kidding. ernie: i cook, you clean. >> that's the rules. >> if i cook, you clean. ernie: nice seeing you. >> same here. ernie: tell me what you think. go for facebook. i want to find out. that's it for now. thank you for joining us. i'm ernie anastos. from all of us here, thanks for being a part of our broadcast. have a wonderful night. see you tomorrow. my wife cooks beautifully. i prep the table and do the cleaning. russ: i would love to see you
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